Outdoor Display

Come visit our Outdoor Display to EXPERIENCE live examples of over a 100 Decorative Concrete examples.

Get Directions to RCS’s Outdoor Display

Old-Fashion Directions:

  • From Hwy 37 North take Hwy 32 east approximately ONE MILE
  • TURN RIGHT at Promise Rd (2nd Round-a-bout)
  • TURN LEFT on Conner St.  (Promise Rd “T’s” at Conner St)
  • TURN LEFT right-before dead-end into our store’s parking lot

Store Location:
5000 E. Conner St.
Noblesville, IN 46060

Outdoor Display Reference Map

Virtual Tour of the Outdoor Display

  • b’s indicate borders
  • Please not that samples marked with an asterisk (*) next to the description indicate extra cost.
  • Colors will vary! It is common for color variations due to climate, ready-mix batching procedures, and application methods. Color is not guaranteed to match anything existing but will represent the shades chosen from the color chart. Color will vary from pour to pour.
  • *Acid Staining is an extra color which increases the cost. Acid Stain process requires 30 days to complete.
  • *Some sample slabs have multiple colors, which have increased cost because of the extra color.