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Dust Vac 13 gal -Dry

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Dust Vac 13 gal -Dry

Collect concrete dust, concrete slurry, job site debris and more. Can be used with or without poly plastic, paper or slurry filter bags.

CS Unitec’s CS 1500 wet/dry dust extraction vacuum provides a clean, dust-free environment. The “Power Take Off” outlet activates the vacuum ON/OFF from the power tool switch. The Electromagnetic Pulse Filter Cleaning System automatically cleans the filters to maximize air flow, dust collection and suction power. The CS 1500 has a large tank capacity of 13 gallons.

Includes automatic shutoff for water.

The versatile CS 1500 works in 4 ways:

Without filter bag – dust goes directly into tank
With plastic filter bag for concrete and masonry dust
With paper filter bag for normal dust and soot
With slurry filter bag to capture concrete slurry from wet drilling, sawing and grinding

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